segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

The Great Blue, Pico and Julia

In 2011, the Blue doesn't look like to be so numerous in the Azores than in 2010, but the encounters are rich in sensation and beauty... Thanks to David Merrett for this souvenirs of his voyage in Pico by mid of April.
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quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

The sea is blue because forest are green

10 clients = 1 tree

Since four years in collaboration with the Quercus organisation Espaço talassa plant tree on the Portugal main land at "Cabeço santo"
(GPS position: 40º 31" 52' N et 8º 20" 36' W - Google earth)

In two weeks, we will inaugurate our
new "Eco-accommodation"; thermal solar for instance and also a small botanic garden with endemic and autochtonous plants.

Yesterday we planted 37 endemic plants from the azores at "Casa do Flores" helped by a group of German teenagers who are crossing the Atlantic on
a sailing boat called "Thor Heyerdahl"... They have make Lajes do Pico more green... for sure the ocean will be very blue on the way back home !

Thanks to Lajes do Pico city hall who gave us the plants

domingo, 30 de janeiro de 2011

When you manage a company , it is normal to look for new markets.

In the Azores, some whale watching operators promote oversea the Shark swimming activity, but:

- Does this activity sustentable for the Azorean “soft ecotourim image” and whale watching marketing ?

- Does the very special clients who book for such adrenalin experience will bring some thing economicly, socialy and environmentaly positive for the archipelago?

- Does this activity without risk for the client who want to swim with shark, what will happen in case of accident for the whole Azorean touristic industy?

- Does this activity with no risk for the people who are swimming with dolphins, I wish it will have differents zones...

- Does this activity go together with the fisherman activity ?


- Doesn’ t the Azorean authority have to supervise and maybe legalize such bussiness ?

Looking forward for your comments and to share your experience and your idea...

Serge Viallelle

quarta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2011


Espaço Talassa is looking for motivated and active persons who want to join our bar/restaurant team for 2011 season.

This offer is limitate to EEC resident and the employment contracts are done under Portugueses labory legislation.

These contracts are for 2, 4 and/or 6 months from April to october 2011.We will give the priority to the candidate who are fluent in English or in German.

The salaries are base on Portuguese one, a place to stay and help regarding food are offer... and also of course the possibility to embark on our boat to meet azorean dolphins and whale.

If you are interested, please e-mail your CV at:

Serge Viallelle

sexta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2010

quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

Join the Team

Espaço Talassa pretende admitir para a época de 2011

uma pessoa (m/f)

com formação em biologia marinha ou na área do ambiente


- acompanhamento de clientes durante as saídas para o mar, antes (“briefing”) e após (“de-briefing”)

- actualização diária das estatísticas de observação:

- gestão das fotografias de Identificação de cetáceos:

- representar a empresa em eventos internacionais como ECS…

- manter “data” de cetáceos e dar informações à equipa...


- grande capacidade de relação com o público

- carta de patrão de costa ou de marinheiro

- boa capacidade de comunicação em português e conhecimento de uma outra (fluente em inglês de preferência)

- conhecimento em informática - microsoft office (power point)

- de preferência com curso de primeiros socorros


- contrato de duração de 7 (ou +) meses Abril/Outubro 2011

- renumeração conforme capacidade (admite-se estagiar L)

- possibilidade de integração nos quadros da empresa

Pede-se resposta com CV detalhado através do e-mail:

quinta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2010

Espaço Talassa photo IDea

Since the 2008 season following a request from Dr. Jonathan Gordon we started the ETID, the Espaço Talassa sperm whale photo-id data collection, not with the purpose of creating a new catalogue, but a photo-id online databank opened to all: curious, whale watchers, students, researchers… where it will be possible to download photos, as well as to include them in already existing catalogues, the reference in this field being the catalogue created by IFAW, Dr. Jonathan Gordon and Dra. Lisa Steiner, in the Azores in 1987.

If you are a regular client or a regular visitor of our website, we are glad to let you know that with the help of Marie Guilpin, a St. Andrews university master student, the effort of the team regarding this 2010 season data collection is already online, so, you can visit the link on our website and if you went out with us this season, by searching the date and time you were at sea you can check the whales you saw and even match them with your own pictures.

Also, this season, after two and half season’s of data collection, curiosity started growing and we decided to do a simple analyses on the whales we id so that we had an idea on the number of different animals identified by us, how are they and how often they visited the south of Pico on the last season´s.

So, from this analyses we saw than 761 photos were taken by members of our team and whale watchers, this 761 photos translate in 235 individual whales, from witch 77 were sighted more than once, so next time you visit us, you can see on an album the whales sighted more than once and also some of the ones sighted only once.

You are welcome to visit our photo Id databank at: