terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010

Paradise and Low cost

Please don't sign the petition "low cost for the Azores".
There is a big confusion here.
The question is: Do we want to allow the access to the archipel to the mass or do we want to travel cheaper ? ... I say Yes for the low price for Azorean resident but who visit us has to pay the true price... do we really want to sell off the paradise ?

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Humberto Pavao - Vila Nova Hotel disse...

I agree to a certain extent with you Serge. I am fed up with being compared with other destinations that have nothing to do with the Azores product. It is our job to make sure that when we do the promoting that we get the correct message to the clients. If they know what to expect, then they will be willing to pay the extra price. Where I disagree with you is this 'low cost' issue. Mass tourism only exists where there is a mass existence of beds. That is not the case in the Azores. You should however look into the demografics of the clients which fly low cost. You'll be surprised. What they want is to get to the destination at a lower cost so they can spend more money in the destination they visit. This will be good for the Azores.

Antonio Coelho disse...

I respect both your opinions. Personally I think low cost is not a process but a philosophy. It is an umbrella term that taken to its extreme leads to paranoia. No airlines could have its cost structure translated to rates that would "massify" tourism in the Azores. The Azores are a niche destination and will always be, low cost or not; Can't sell sun or beach (in most islands) so we're not competing with "massive" markets. What low cost would bring to the Azores would be, hopefully, fair competition. With competition everyone wins including SATA which would have to continue in its current path of becoming more efficient, more cost conscious, more customer driven and more market savvy. SATA is in good hands, and the "low cost" philosophy would help everyone. There have been times when myopia prevented us from seeing and thinking long term. Let's hope this is not the case.

Catarina Fagundes disse...

Low cost is not synonymous of mass tourism. As long as Azores continue its way to quality tourism, low cost air lines will only bring more money into the destination. Tourists nowadays are more into flying cheap and spend more money in the destination, on a good hotel, on tours and other tourism facilities than paying a lot for a flight and then have to save money in everything and that is not really a holiday!

Low cost flights help to distribute richness in a much better way!

Serge Viallelle disse...

Low cost is a lie.
In the Azores it will make the bigest island more rich and the other more poor because São Miguel is the only lucrative destination for a lowcost airplane company.
I am afraid that Catarina is dreaming: low cost don't call people that spend the same money in the destination, but people with less money to spend... (good for a SONAE)
What is the point to have low cost flighs, if we have expensive rent a car, hotel, whale watching... the low cost must be global to be attractif...
Do we really want it ???