sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

A Wonderfull "Première", it's warming up !

August 12th, 11h30, Pedro phone me, they are with a group of 50 Stenos (Steno bredanensis)...

Checking the azorean official sighting list, the last time that this species was seen in the archipelago was in 1995 !

15 years latter, a first record for the Espaço Talassa team, summer 2010 is really special !

Good for our ego, beautiful photos... but the question is "Why this guys are back ?", well the sea temp is over than 25 º, is it the explanation or part of it ?

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Anónimo disse...

Magnifique ! Belle rencontre, il ne reste plus qu'à savoir pourquoi ils sont de retour...
Bonne continuation à toute l'équipe. Laure