quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

The sea is blue because forest are green

10 clients = 1 tree

Since four years in collaboration with the Quercus organisation Espaço talassa plant tree on the Portugal main land at "Cabeço santo"
(GPS position: 40º 31" 52' N et 8º 20" 36' W - Google earth)

In two weeks, we will inaugurate our
new "Eco-accommodation"; thermal solar for instance and also a small botanic garden with endemic and autochtonous plants.

Yesterday we planted 37 endemic plants from the azores at "Casa do Flores" helped by a group of German teenagers who are crossing the Atlantic on
a sailing boat called "Thor Heyerdahl"... They have make Lajes do Pico more green... for sure the ocean will be very blue on the way back home !

Thanks to Lajes do Pico city hall who gave us the plants

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