domingo, 30 de janeiro de 2011

When you manage a company , it is normal to look for new markets.

In the Azores, some whale watching operators promote oversea the Shark swimming activity, but:

- Does this activity sustentable for the Azorean “soft ecotourim image” and whale watching marketing ?

- Does the very special clients who book for such adrenalin experience will bring some thing economicly, socialy and environmentaly positive for the archipelago?

- Does this activity without risk for the client who want to swim with shark, what will happen in case of accident for the whole Azorean touristic industy?

- Does this activity with no risk for the people who are swimming with dolphins, I wish it will have differents zones...

- Does this activity go together with the fisherman activity ?


- Doesn’ t the Azorean authority have to supervise and maybe legalize such bussiness ?

Looking forward for your comments and to share your experience and your idea...

Serge Viallelle

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Anónimo disse...

well, I don´t like that much the idea of shark-swimming.
I have not visited the Azores jet, but what I heared seemed like relaxed atmosphere and people that behave carefully with their environment.
therefore for me the idea of shark-swimming doesn´t fit well;people that search for that risk-adventure bring a different atmosphere, I guess.
I think there could be other possibilities and alternatives to have some new aspects and offers for the tourists.

looking forward to visit you soon,
luzia (from germany)

Anónimo disse...

Hello Serge,
I already was swimming with dolphins with you twice and it was more than nice.
But when I know image I would do it again I would be much more afraid of seeing a shark.
I hope they will not offer shark-swimming. They can do this somewhere else but not in your beautiful and safe area.
Marion (from Germany)

Anónimo disse...

Hello Serge,

This is so stupid. There are hundreds of studies that show: Humans are not on the menu of sharks. But wherever people feed sharks, they learn people=mealtime. So very often in this regions, people were attacked by sharks, that don't feed them. I was several times at the Acores with the whole family, but if this tourism increases, this april will be our last time at the Acores. How many tourist want to see dolphins and whales and want to swim and dive and surf at the Acores? And how many want to swim with sharks? And how many of them will still swim with sharks, when the first tourists will be killed by sharks? Also the Acores are famous for their whales - but there are thousands of better spots for sharks in the world, so I am pretty sure that no tourist will come to the Acores only because of the sharks - but they will come because of the whales. The Acores are in the middle of nowhere, the whales (and dolphins) are your only unique attraction. Your Government should think about this matter as soon as possible - they can't turn back time.

Thank you for making the people pay attention to this matter - save the nature is the only way, mankind can survive.

Tarek El-Naschef from Germany

Serge Viallelle disse...

Ola Serge

I don't think that is a good idea for several reasons, but the most important as a coment above says is that the kind of people looking for this kind of adventure will bring a different tourist to the Azores. I will do as much as I can to preserve the Azores as one of the most amazing, sustainable eco-tourism spots in the world. Would be nice to be the example that others follow, but for that we need common sense and a Government that supports that. Hopefully, some day...

Um abraco a toda a equipa desde St Andrews


Unknown disse...

Hello dear Serge,

I have not visited Pico yet , only in April this year I will finally meet (hopefully) the whales of the Azores and the Talassa team.

Personally, I do not swim with shark. Still I like to see them.

People over the world still have such a bad opinion about them.

This has made the illegal slaughter of the sharks around the world possible.
Their fins are cut of when they still live and then slowly suffer their end (shark fins are highly considered food in Japan and in other asiatic countries)

To allow people to meet the sharks in their natural environment and by this EDUCATE people about the importance of sharks in the ecosystems, is from my point view very much in harmony with the environmental respectful approach of Talassa !
Maybe some people will come only for the "thrill" ... more important are all the people who will leave more aware that sharks are not those dangerous men killer, people still believe and that their slaughter has to stop.

All the best,

Ellen Mittler

Serge Viallelle disse...

Olá Ellen,

It is true that shark are very endanger species, some of them more than any ceatcean and show and steach them could be a way to help to protect them.
The problem is that normally shark are "shy" animal and don't interact easely with human (When dolphin do). To be sure to have a commercial success and almost be sure of the interaction beteewn shark and homo sapiens turistus disturbis you have to feed them with meat and blood. When you do it you modificate the normal behaviour, they can become very aggressive ( this happen all around the world) because they are use to have food when the cross a boat, it not only a big problemm for turistic and fisherman boats, but also because these fragil animal which become dependent of human... really Shark lover don't like shark swimming .

Iceberg disse...

Qualquer interacção com um animal deste género (não vejo ninguém a fazer safaris a 2 metros de leões e tigres ou mesmo com ursos) é uma atrocidade!
Tentar vender este produto aqui nos Açores é um desperdício de tempo e de dinheiro! Melhorar o que já temos para atrair ainda mais gente amiga do ambiente (eco-friendly) deve ser (sempre) o principal objectivo dos operadores, empresas de animação turística e todos os que, de uma forma ou outra, estão envolvidos no turismo açoriano.

Nuno H C Pimentel

Serge Viallelle disse...

Olá Iceberg,

You are right...but I have some doubt about the integrity of must of the "operadores"... if there is money to do, a lot of them will forget them ethics.
In my point of view the only solution to limitate the ecxess is politic , overall a clear position from the Regional Directorate for Maritime Affairs... but the question is: does another law is going to limitate the avidity ... I have some doubt again !

Serge Viallelle disse...

Cesar just send me this link... they say (Açoreano oriental) that shark swimming will be a biggest industry than whale watching south of Pico....well if clients survive !!!